Hello guys,

time is passing by soooo fast and now it is time to update my blog again 😉

The last weeks have been really exciting for me. I started my internship at Gebr. Heinemann, got to know a lot of people and also had time to experience Hamburg a little bit more.

But let me start with my internship in the business development department. At Gebr. Heinemann, I have the privilege to primarily work on a very interesting and strategic-valuable project for the upcoming months. Accordingly, my daily work mainly focuses on research-based tasks meaning that I have to analyze various markets and sectors, and based on my findings derive different strategic approaches for the company. If I could, I would tell you more, but as you can imagine secrecy in business development is important as “loose lips sink ships” 😉

Concerning the company itself, the working environment at Gebr. Heinemann is great. My colleagues are really friendly, open and accommodating reflecting one of the company´s key values. Hence, I can talk to them regarding any questions I have and they are more than happy to assist me. By the way, we are a pretty international team consisting of employees from Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Indeed, Gebr. Heinemann is a quite multicultural firm, thus Non-German speaking colleagues are not uncommon when walking through the hallways or picking up the phone. Another really nice factor about working at Gebr. Heinemann are the perks available to us employees as for instance the free lunches at the cafeteria, the multitude of workshops trainings or the offered field trips.
Indeed, two weeks ago I visited Gebr. Heinemann´s logistics centre in Allermöhe (Hamburg) to get insights into the company´s warehousing. It was a really exciting experience to see how the company is handling the distribution to its worldwide customers taking into consideration their individual requirements.

However, I did not only experience a lot of exciting things during my work, but also in my free time. Thus, I visited Hamburg´s harbor festival which claims to be the world´s greatest port festival; I did a harbor sightseeing tour and visited Disney’s musical The Lion King, an awesome musical!! So, as you can see Hamburg offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy your leisure time! Still, I have sooo much on my to-do-list before leaving Hamburg!!
I hope I could give you a brief insight into my first weeks in Hamburg and working at Gebr. Heinemann.

See you soon 🙂

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Packing and leaving to Germany :)

Hey guys,

Only 3 days left until my internship starts. Yippieh 🙂 So it´s time for me to leave Poland and pack all the stuff for Germany. It is unbelievable how much stuff you collect over just a couple of months in another country. All my suitcases are completely full!

So, the journey to Hamburg and Gebr. Heinemann will soon start, but right now I am still enjoying a nice, peaceful and sunny Easter with my family.

Wish you all a happy Easter!

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The time has come

agnieszka goes Hamburg_v2


Hey guys, my name is Agnieszka (25) and I am a proud winner of the Blind Applying Campaign which gives me the outstanding opportunity to take part in a summer internship at Gebr. Heinemann in Hamburg, Germany! At Gebr. Heinemann in particular, I am going to join the business development team, where I hopefully will spend a wonderful time with my new colleagues and gain valuable working experience. I am already very excited about moving to Hamburg and starting this new stage of my professional life!


At the moment I am living in Warsaw, where I am postgraduate in Management at Akademia Leona Kozminskiego (a really adorable University 😉 ) Previous to coming to Warsaw, I lived for a year in Hull, UK, where I was studying Financial Management at the University of Hull and before that I studied in Muenster, Germany, where I also got a degree in Business Administration at Muenster University of Applied Sciences.


Perhaps you are asking yourself why I participated in a Blind Applying Campaign… Well, at the end of last year I started to look after some spring/ summer internship opportunities and because of that I also visited the career centre at my Polish University, where I was informed about this exceptional campaign. I must admit, I really loved this idea about the simple, uncomplicated and blind applying process, so as soon as I came home I filled out the necessary online application form and applied.

And now here I am, I got selected and I am waiting for my great internship adventure at Gebr. Heinemann!


I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and see you soon!

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